Let’s take a bird’s eye view of Drone Films. Like an eagle we will get your film or video to soar.

Drone Films has been around a while, working on big and small projects and helmed by Chris Hilton-Wood (CEO Drone Films/Chief pilot/ Director of Photography). An avid skier Chris has worked closely with Mt Buller and has traveled the world following his passions. This extreme environment and  being a qualified pilot has enabled him to hone is drone skills and give that super smooth style and cinematic quality.

Working with a pool of skilled creatives Chris and his team at Drone Films has always delivered that elevated cinematic perspective with ease. If it’s not out on the Alps he has also worked on the coast and in confined spaces of sets and warehouses. Drone Films will always get you up there and bring that cinematic vision to your marketing and advertising.

We love our job! That kind of makes it less like work.

Drone Films has a large array of Drones available from medium to heavy lift drones. Experienced operators and fully insured Drone Films would love to hear your creative ideas and potential to work on you projects.

If you want more details please contact us. We can’t wait to see your ideas take flight and your brand or products take off.