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Dronefilms Goes RED To Take Your Film To A Whole New Level.

Drone Films has taken delivery of the most sought after camera/drone
combination ever: The Tango and the Red Camera.

We fly the one of the very latest largest civilian drones ever built –
 The Tango, Built and designed from the ground up in Melbourne Australia, now internationally acclaimed. This drone combo answers the questions posed by many film companies:
Will it carry all the accessories required?
It’s combined take off weight is 36kg will haul a payloa
d of 20 kilograms.
So it can carry 35mm 
film cameras with all accessories.

Set up in single or dual configuration – you should experience the superior efficiency in working with an award winning single pilot/DP. Getting spontaneous shots that elevate your project beyond the competition and unobtainable in a two man crew. We will of course offer the two man configuration which is the standard for most production companies.

But it’s it time you GO RED and Tango with the big guns!

Download or View the PDF.

We Love Our Cities.

There is so much to capture in the gorgeous landscape and architecture of our cities. It’s visual real estate and brings something grand to the table.

Drone filming has truly turned shooting a cityscape into an everyday skill. But knowing how to navigate buildings, rooftops and getting angles that defy gravity really shows the skill of our team.

There is so much to capture we could only give you a taste of this. From the docklands and it’s modern architecture to the container ships coming into port and gorgeous panoramic and cinematic sunrises and sunsets the mix of man made infrastructure fused with the epic forces of nature makes for fantastically engaging images that evoke the spirit of why we love and cherish our cities.

This is visual poetry and we love to bring that to your brand story in unexpected and epic ways. Enjoy our snippets and if you are interested strike up a conversation and get Drones Films to take you up, up and away!

Beautiful Mt. Buller.

Chris Hilton-Wood has a long standing history and personal story with Mt. Buller. When you get to know him you will understand why!

Yet what is most impressive is the way Chris sees your vision. Whether it’s because he’s a pilot, or because he has been watching sunrises and Sunsets from mountain tops from his earliest childhood Chris has lofty ideas and high expectations for your video or your drone footage.

Yes Chris was born at the top. He loves the view from a drone and he was born to take his photography to the the skies.

In this quick blog a picture tells a thousand words, and so Chris just wanted to showcase the beautiful vistas Mt. Buller has to offer and the drama sheer beauty of this place Chris can truly call home.

Sit back and a chair lift into the world of Drone Films CEO/ Chief Pilot and DP.

Isn’t time you took your videos to the next level?

Isn’t time your ideas took flight?

Welcome to Drone Films. Been here a while and doing my thing. Love these drones and really enjoy piloting them and getting that shot you really want and can’t get anywhere else.

Apart from the hours piloting Drones and working with clients to bring their vision to laptop, iPad, tablet or mobile via Youtube, Vimeo or Social media platforms we love to tinker and experiment in our spare time.

Yes we are a little bit geeky and quirky when it comes to designing and planning your shots. Why? Because we know that in this arena you have to back the crazy ones. The passionate crowd. If you don’t you’ll only get professional and if you want that “wow factor” or that edge just a cut above professional … you have to find the creative that with the experience and ability to immerse themselves in your cinematic vision.

So we are proud to be that passionate. We strive to push the boundaries! Whether flying Drones in confined spaces, battling winds, testing how close you can fly them in a forest  or amongst buildings, playing with the angles or tracking fast moving cars and boats on the open water. It truly is a great job navigating a drone, following the point of view of the story, or creating that third person “fly on the wall” perspective.

Whatever your reason for checking us out we hope you are impressed. From the beaches of Lorne, cities of the world, to the highest mountains of Mt Buller and France we will travel the world to get your shot.

Isn’t it time you took your business to the next level. Drone Films will put you up there and enable you to see your business vision from a whole new cinematic perspective.

Contact Chris Hilton-Wood today schedule a meeting.