Beautiful Mt. Buller.

Chris Hilton-Wood has a long standing history and personal story with Mt. Buller. When you get to know him you will understand why!

Yet what is most impressive is the way Chris sees your vision. Whether it’s because he’s a pilot, or because he has been watching sunrises and Sunsets from mountain tops from his earliest childhood Chris has lofty ideas and high expectations for your video or your drone footage.

Yes Chris was born at the top. He loves the view from a drone and he was born to take his photography to the the skies.

In this quick blog a picture tells a thousand words, and so Chris just wanted to showcase the beautiful vistas Mt. Buller has to offer and the drama sheer beauty of this place Chris can truly call home.

Sit back and a chair lift into the world of Drone Films CEO/ Chief Pilot and DP.