Take Your Next Film Project To A Higher Standard.


Dronefilms Goes RED To Take Your Film To A Whole New Level.

Drone Films has taken delivery of the most sought after camera/drone
combination ever: The Tango and the Red Camera.

We fly the one of the very latest largest civilian drones ever built –
 The Tango, Built and designed from the ground up in Melbourne Australia, now internationally acclaimed. This drone combo answers the questions posed by many film companies:
Will it carry all the accessories required?
It’s combined take off weight is 36kg will haul a payloa
d of 20 kilograms.
So it can carry 35mm 
film cameras with all accessories.

Set up in single or dual configuration – you should experience the superior efficiency in working with an award winning single pilot/DP. Getting spontaneous shots that elevate your project beyond the competition and unobtainable in a two man crew. We will of course offer the two man configuration which is the standard for most production companies.

But it’s it time you GO RED and Tango with the big guns!

Download or View the PDF.